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  • Customer Service

  • Demand Confirmation

  • Program Confirmation

  • Installation and Commissioning

  • Use Maintenance

  • Applications

  • Download

Customer Service

Active service + fast service + free service + butler service + strategic service

Joint technology innovation, joint quality research, joint new product development, joint lean production, joint marketing

Demand Confirmation
Company Name Address
Contact Contact Information
Position Main Business
Main Brand Business Area
Demand Information
Mutual interview mode   Go to the door   Field visit
Program Confirmation

Technical solution: technical and quality plan confirmation

Business plan: settlement and price plan confirmation

Installation and Commissioning

1.1 Precautions before installation

Assembly and installation work must be carried out cautiously by trained and qualified personnel;mountright.jpgThe manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by improper assembly and installation;
At the stage of planning, sufficient space should be left for the reducer for future maintenance and repair work;
Always prepare suitable lifting equipment before starting assembly and installation work;
If the gear unit (motor) is equipped with a fan, there should be enough space to be able to draw in air;
The instructions on the drive nameplate match the on-site power supply;
The transmission should be intact (not damaged during transport or storage);

Confirm that the following requirements have been met:
For standard reducer: ambient temperature 0 °C ~ +40 °C
No oil, acid, harmful gases, steam, radioactive objects, etc.;
For special types: the transmission is configured according to environmental conditions;
For worm gear reducer: Cannot use reducer with self-locking function
Applying a large reverse external moment of inertia to avoid damage to the reducer;
In order to ensure good lubrication, be sure to follow the installation location specified in the order;
Be sure to pay attention to the warnings and safety signs of the gear unit (motor).

1.2 Preparation before installation

Thoroughly remove preservatives, dirt or the like from the output shaft and flange surface with commercially available solvents;

Note: Do not allow solvent to immerse into the seal lip of the oil seal, otherwise the solvent may damage the oil seal;

If the reducer is stored for more than 1 year, the service life of the lubricant in the bearing will be shortened;

If mineral or synthetic oil (CLPHC) is added and the filling is in accordance with the requirements of the installation position, the gear unit can be operated at any time in this case. However, it is still necessary to check the oil level before starting;

In some cases, the synthetic oil (CLPPG) is added, the oil level is higher, and the oil level should be corrected before starting.

1.3 installation of reducer

The reducer (motor) can only be installed on the flat, shock-absorbing and torsion-resistant support structure according to the specified installation position; the cabinet foot and the mounting flange cannot be tightened at the same time during the installation to avoid mutual competition;

When the reducer (motor) is fixed to the foundation of its concrete using bolts or foundation blocks, there should be a suitable groove to accommodate the reducer (motor);

Please check whether the oil filling amount matches the installation position during installation. If the installation position changes, please adjust the oil amount accordingly;

Install a straight-through ventilator or open the ventilator to transport the rubber ring;

Do not hit or hit the shaft end;

The vertical installation of the motor must be shielded to prevent foreign matter or liquid intrusion (rain cover C);

When installing the junction box, point the cable entry point down.

1.3.1 Installation of solid shaft reducer (mo

Install and fix input and output drive parts (such as parts of the coupling, etc.) on the shaft of the reducer;

If these parts need to be preheated prior to installation, see the dimensional drawing in the coupling file for the correct mating temperature;

The misalignment of the shaft may be caused by assembly or by actual operation (such as thermal expansion, shaft deflection, insufficient rigidity of the frame, etc.);

For the alignment error of the coupling approval, please refer to the manual of the corresponding brand coupling;

Permissible misalignment

The centering should be performed in two axial planes that are perpendicular to each other. You can use a ruler (radial misalignment) and a feeler gauge (angle misalignment) for centering;

Unless otherwise specified, these parts can be preheated by induction heating, or they can be preheated with a burner or in a furnace.

1.3.2 Installation of a hollow shaft reducer (motor) with flat key

The solid shaft end of the working machine shall be equipped with the A-type flat key according to the first part of DIN6885 standard, and shall have a central hole on the end face conforming to DIN standard 322 DS type (threaded);

Check the hollow shaft of the reducer and the solid shaft of the working machine for damage to the shaft seat and the edge part; if necessary, repair and clean it with suitable tools;

The reducer is mounted with a nut and a screw, and the reaction force is provided by the hollow shaft of the reducer;

1 Working machine solid shaft 2 Reducer hollow shaft 3 Flat key 4 Nut 5 Screw 6 Nut 7 End plate

1 Working machine solid shaft 2 Reducer hollow shaft 3 Flat key 4 Nut 5 Screw 6 Nut 7 End plate

In addition to the nut and screw shown in Figures 1 and 2, other types of devices can be used, for example a set of hydraulic lifting devices can be used.

1.3.3 Installation of hollow shaft reducer with expansion disk

The center end of the solid shaft of the working machine shall be equipped with a central hole conforming to DIN standard 322 DS type (threaded);

Installation with integral bushings;

The reducer is mounted with a nut and a screw; the reaction force is provided by the hollow shaft of the reducer;

Install with a loose bushing;

Push the loose bushing onto the solid shaft of the working machine, firmly fix it in place with a positioning device, and then pull it into the hollow shaft of the reducer along the solid axis of the working machine (refer to Figure 1, Figure 2) ;

The outer surface of the hollow shaft of the reducer can be greased at the position of the shrink disk seat;

Tighten all the fastening bolts one by one in order, and tighten all the bolts after several rounds;

Tighten the fastening bolts until the front side of the inner and outer rings are aligned.

Use Maintenance

1.1 Adding lubricant

Unscrew the filler plug, add the correct type of lubricant to the oil gauge or the oil mirror midline slightly above, and then install the plug;

The refueling reducer (motor) does not need to be refueled.

1.2 Start

Be sure to check and record the following items before starting:

(1) oil level

(2) Lubricating oil cooling or sealing of oil supply system piping

(3) The effectiveness of the shaft seal

(4) Rotating parts are not in contact with other parts

1.3 Operation

When the gear unit (motor) is started for the first time, if possible, let it run for no load for a few hours. If there is no abnormality, it can be gradually loaded and the load will be filled up at the appropriate time.

In operation, the reducer must be monitored:

Oil temperature (in the continuous operation process, the design temperature of the reducer is: the temperature of the mineral oil used during continuous operation is 90 ° C. At higher temperatures, synthetic oil must be used. The maximum temperature for working in short time can reach 100 °C);

Running noise changes;

Possible oil leakage at the box and shaft seal;

Correct oil level height ;

1.4 Maintenance

Failures that need to be repaired during the warranty period must be performed by the Customer Service Department. For failures that cannot occur after the warranty period, we recommend that the customer contact our customer service department;

Inspection and maintenance cycle:

Measurethe term
Check oil temperaturedaily
Check the abnormal noise of the reducerper month
Check if the reducer leaks oilper month
Check the oil levelBefore each start of the gearbox
Test the moisture in the oilAt least once a year after 400 working hours
First oil changeWork 400 hours after starting
Subsequent oil changeEvery 18 months or 5000 working hours
Clean up the oil filterEvery 3 months
Cleaning the vent screw valveEvery 3 months
Clean the fan, fan cover and reduction boxOn request or at the same time as oil change
Check the scaling of the cooling coilAbout every 2 years or at the same time as oil change
Check the lubricant water coolerSimultaneously with oil change
Check the tightness of the fastening boltsAfter the first oil change, every other oil change
Comprehensive inspection of the reducerAbout every 2 years and oil change at the same time

Possible failures:

malfunctionthe reasonMeasure
There is a large noise at the fastener of the reducThe fasteners are looseTighten the bolt/nut to the specified torque and replace the damaged bolt/nut
Noise change of the reducerGear teeth have been damagedContact customer service. Check all gears and replace damaged parts.
Bearing clearance is too largeContact customer service department · Adjust bearing clearance
Bearing damageContact customer service and replace damaged bearings
Operating temperature is too highThe oil level inside the cabinet is too highCheck the height of the oil level and adjust if necessary
Oil is too oldContact customer service to check the last oil change time and replace if necessary
Oil is seriously pollutedContact customer service and change oil
On a gearbox equipped with a lubricant cooling system: coolant flow is too low or too highFully adjust the valves of the inlet and outlet pipes and check the free flow of the water cooling unit
Coolant temperature is too highCheck temperature and adjust as needed
The oil flow through the water cooling device is too low because the oil filter is severely cloggedClean up the oil filter
Mechanical failure of the oil pumpContact customer service and check if the function of the pump is normal. Repair or oil change pump
On a gearbox equipped with a fan: the air inlet and/or the cabinet of the fan cover are heavily pollutedClean the fan cover and cabinet
Reducer equipped with a cooling coil: scaling inside the cooling coilContact customer service and clean or replace the spiral
The temperature at the bearing is too highThe oil level inside the reduction case is too high or too lowCheck the height of the oil level at room temperature and refuel as needed
Oil is too oldContact customer service and check the last time you changed oil
Mechanical failure of the oil pumpContact customer service department · Check if the oil pump is working properly, repair or replace the oil pump
Bearing damageContact customer service. Check the data obtained by the operator in the vibration measurement. Check and replace the bearing as needed.
Increased amplitude at the bearingBearing damageContact customer service and inspect and replace bearings as needed
Gear damageContact Customer Service · Check and replace gears as needed
The temperature of the check device is too high and the check function is disabled.Check device damageContact customer service department · Check and replace the stop device as needed
Reducer oil leakagePoor sealing of the cabinet cover or joinCheck the seals and connections, if necessary, replace the new ones to seal the joints
Radial shaft seal failureContact the Room Service Department for a new radial seal ring
There is water in the oilThere is debris in the oilCheck the state of the oil with a test tube for the presence of moisture in the laboratory analysis oil.
Lubricating oil cooler or cooling coil failureContact Customer Service · Identify and repair leaks · Replace coolers or coils
The reducer is exposed to the cool air ventilated between the machines to produce condensationProtect the gear unit with suitable insulation, close the air outlet or change its direction structurally
Pressure monitoring device alarm (variable gear equipped with pressure lubrication, lubricating oil water cooling device and air cooling device)Oil pressure<0.5bars            Check the oil level at room temperature, check the oil filter as needed, replace as needed, contact customer service department, check if the function of the oil pump is normal, repair or replace the oil pump.
Dual switch filter indicator gives an alarmDouble switch filter blockedFollow the instructions to switch the switching filter, remove the blocked filter and clean it.
Failure of the fuel supply systemSee the instructions for the fuel supply system in the operating instructions.
The motor does not startPower line interruptionCheck wiring and correct if needed
Fuse blownReplace the fuse
Motor protection device has been activatedCheck that the motor protection device settings are correct and discharge the fault if necessary
Motor contactor does not operate, fault in control systemCheck the control of the motor contactor and troubleshoot if necessary
The motor does not start or start difficultThe motor should be a delta connection, but it is a star connectionCorrect wiring
Voltage or frequency deviates significantly from the rated value at least at start-upTry to improve the power supply; check the cross section of the power cord
Wrong direction of rotationMotor wiring errorExchange two phase lines
The motor rumbling and the current consumption is largeWinding damageThe motor must be sent to a professional repair shop for repair
Rotor touch winding
The fuse is blown or the motor protection device acts immediatelyWire short circuitEliminate short circuit
Short circuit in the motorSend a professional repair shop to discharge the fault
Wire connection errorCorrect the connection
Motor ground shortSend a professional repair shop to discharge the fault

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